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Review PGWARE Throttle 6 : Increase speed of your internet connection

What’s your professions ? Doctors, engineers or business men,… Anyway, i am sure that you always have to use internet for work.

Nowadays, internet is an indispensable thing for work, you trade via internet, you notice a decision via internet. What happens if your internet connection sucks, when you have to  notice a emergency, an important decision? Or when you are trading, you paid money but your internet suddenly sucks, afraid that you lost money but you don’t get the goods you bought. I’ve read some complain about someone’s internet connection, such as :

  • Why is my internet connection so terrible?
  • My god! My internet speed is so slow!

And maybe you feel like them :

I’m a little passive sometimes if the speed is slow. I would normally consider first if I was able to optimize my browser or if it’s the weather. But if I was already able to check everything?…and if I’m in a hurry of my project? I wanna shout at the technical support representative of my ISP! But of course, I myself is a tech support and I would try to be more patient. They just have to make sure that they resolve it as soon as possible.

OK! And this is solution Throttle.

This software will save your day, it increase your internet connection speed, is it unbelievable ? Ha ha, with these features :

Makes direct changes to the Windows system registry and system files to increase internet download and upload speeds.
Automatically adjusts internet settings and changes made based on the computer and modem specified by the end-user.
Works with all modem types – Dial-Up, DSL, ADSL, Cable, ISDN, Satellite, and Mobile Phone internet connections.
Compatible with the latest versions of Microsoft Windows, including Windows Vista 64-BIT and 32-BIT computers.
Increases both internet transfer speeds as well as local area network speeds, increase the speed of local area network PC-PC file transfers by using Throttle.
New and improved modern user interface, easy and intuitive to use and compliant with Windows user interface guidelines.
Software was entirely developed and built in the United States. Technical support also is based in the United States.
Try before you buy licensing with dedicated software updates and quality around the clock technical support.

ONLY 1.44 MB, compact but many effect, you can try it 30 days before decide to buy it . Only $9.99, if i were you guys, i will not demur.

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  • i tred this software too because lot of my friends is recommending this so i tried it. not really bad, can really make things better. pgware throttle is really nice program

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